At AMS we pride ourselves on providing an excellent service for the design selection, supply and installation of mechanical ventilation systems for all available applications.

We specialise in ventilation systems for the residential and light commercial installations for the new build industry. Focusing on system 1,2,3 and 4 installations, we provide our clients with a quiet, efficient, and problem free installation to meet all types of specification. In non-domestic premises, including places of work, our main priority is to provide a continuous circulation of clean air. This can be easily achieved with a ventilation system tailored to your needs.

Mechanical Ventilation
Mechanical Ventilation

We design systems to ensure they have a wide range of benefits.

These benefits include minimising the potential risk of any airborne allergens, assist in cooling your home in the summer months, reduce condensation with the detection of humidity, and provide a supply of clean fresh air to your environment.


Working with many different manufacturers, we can select or specialise any product to suit the specific application. Whether your building requires the high efficiency of MVHR (heat recovery) or standard intermittent extract ventilation, we will have a system designed for your needs.

The AMS team will design, supply, and install a bespoke ventilation system that is perfectly suited to the application and energy requirements. With the fast-changing regulations surrounding modern day ventilation systems, AMS constantly strive to ensure that our systems incorporate the latest regulatory advice and align this with the most suitable and technologically advanced products.

System design

With the use of CAD design software, we provide a fully calculated system design for all projects, incorporating the required resistant elements for ductwork fan terminals, grills and all associated components.

Our estimates fully incorporate all the requirements of your scheme, ensuring that we provide you a fully incorporated estimate with no hidden, or additional costs.

Service, Maintenance & Aftercare

It is essential that your ventilation system is regularly serviced to ensure it is running efficiently, smoothly and providing the extract and fresh air required in your dwelling. Ventilation system servicing is recommended every year as dust and debris collects around motors, impellers, air valve ducts and heat exchangers...

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