It is vital that your fire safety systems are in good condition and maintained properly to ensure the safety of residents and to ensure there is minimal damage to the building in case of a fire.

Here at Service, Maintenance and Aftercare, your safety is our top priority. We will do all we can to make sure your Dry Riser or Sprinkler System is running correctly to put your mind at ease and trust that these systems will keep you safe. If it needs servicing or any faults occur we will resolve this as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Dry Risers

All wet and dry rises should be visually inspected every six months and tested annually. All systems installed must comply to the British standard BS: 9990-2006 to comply with fire insurance policies.

A dry risers pressure testing should take place annually and a test of 10 bar for 15 minutes should be undertaken and recorded. During this test, all joint valves and outlets should be inspected for failure and any repairs undertaken. The dry riser should then be drained and left empty with all valves isolated ready for use.

Sprinkler Systems

"Sprinkler system maintenance is not complex but is essential"

All sprinkler systems should be visually inspected and tested every year (12 months). All new systems installed must comply to the British standard BS9251:2014 to comply with fire insurance policies.

An annual test will include and repair the following if required...

  • The whole system inspected to make sure it is functioning correctly
  • Check that no modifications are needed according to British Standard
  • Check that there are no leaks
  • Asses whether the system in place is still suitable for the building if there are any changes to material, an increase in fire loading or include a vulnerable person on the premises
  • Inspection of the sprinkler heads and cover plates to ensure that nothing has been tampered with
  • All joint valves, locking mechanisms and outlets inspected and tested
  • Test of alarms
  • Backflow preventions checked
  • Any remote monitoring checked and tested
  • If trace heating is present then this will be inspected
Service, Maintenance & Aftercare

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