We specialise in sprinkler systems serving in residential high and low rise buildings including apartments, housing, care homes, retrofit installations, and sheltered accommodation schemes.

Our sprinkler systems are widely used as part of a structured fire strategy in new build dwellings for both domestic and commercial applications. It is paramount that the systems we provide can accurately pinpoint and extinguish any fire at its core and with immediate effect. This eradicates immediate danger to life, reduces the damage to the building fabric and ensures safe egress can be maintained swiftly and safely in all circumstances.

Sprinkler Systems

"The largest numbers of deaths from fire occur in the home"!

Sprinkler systems are universally acknowledged as the most effective first line of attack against fire and to save lives. They were invented over 120 years ago, since then several hundred million sprinkler systems have been installed throughout the world, in that time they have:

  • Protected thousands of buildings
  • Helped to prevent the financial collapse of numerous businesses
  • Saved countless lives
  • Prevented numerous burn injuries
  • Protected the environment from fire related pollution
Sprinkler Systems

Key Facts

  • Sprinkler systems have been proven time and time again to be an effective way of saving lives and reducing the damage of any building.
  • It is a fact that no loss of life has been recorded in a UK dwelling with a properly installed and maintained sprinkler system
  • Residential sprinkler systems are the most cost-effective way of achieving a 97% chance of survival during any fire.


AMS use the latest technology to produce accurate designs conforming to BS9251:2014. The design software we use provides CAD based layout and calculations to provide accurate planning and coordination of sprinkler heads and all other related pipework and valve systems. This enables our designers to work alongside other service provider designs and reflective ceiling plans providing compliant and accurate proposals.

We ensure all our installations are accurately designed to BS9251:2014 providing a system not only fit for purpose, but that ensures the future safety of the building and its occupants.

AMS continually monitors the requirement for the latest available technology, and the need to be at the forefront of any change in legislation and British Standards. That is why we are always focused on new opportunities to create safer environments for our clients.

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